From the Studio ARCHIVES

A glimpse inside Peter's art practice

Announcing Studio B

A nonprofit home for Peter's social engagement work.


A drawing recalling the day Peter's daughter died.

The Why

A drawing reminds its buyer what matters most to him every day.


A drawing salutes poetry’s power as inspiration and salve.

I Love to Draw

After a summer away from the studio, Peter steps back into his art practice, rediscovering his love of charcoal.


How a museum visit and a run sparked a new way to make art and think about self.


The importance of taking things out to arrive at what is left in.


Feeling lost, and then trusting the process.

Soul Selling

An unexpectedly meaningful connection upon reluctantly selling a drawing.

“Secret Painting”

An anecdote on how the practice of painting helps one make sense of life.


Making art about mortality, and feeling better in doing so.

Healing Lines

Seemingly abstract, these lines express an underlying narrative that is therapeutic to share.

With Music

A drawing inspired by music comes to life when experienced as a video.


A series so healing to make – and when exhibited it may help others too.


How hands in European Renaissance paintings inspired a new body of work.

Moving On

For some, looking at their past work is like reading a diary: it shows where they’ve been.

I Value All These Voices

In an era of divisiveness, revisiting a project about respecting one another's values.


More than seven years after a museum trip, the art seen continues to resonate.

Grace Delivered

Behind the painting "Dad," a story of family crisis and grace.

Painting Again

Returning to painting after a long hiatus.