Featured art guests and their work

Michael Kolster

A photographer whose ostensibly conventional work is anything but.

Phylicia Ghee

An artist for whom making art is akin to a sacred act.

Jordan Carey

An artist whose practice is steeped in an equity and social justice mindset.

Kate Beck

An abstract artist whose work is fully grounded in her home place of Maine.

Hannah Brancato

An artist best known for public-minded and collectivist work has an unexpectedly personal story fueling her drive.

Nour Bishouty

An artist whose heritage of diaspora and displacement shapes her art.

Ed Nadeau

An artist whose work comes from more than just a walk in the woods.

Sarah Bouchard

A new gallery owner putting art and artists first.

Elizabeth Greenberg

An artist benefits from the every day practice of paying attention.

Ed Epping

An artist shines light on the inhumanity of mass incarceration in the U.S.

Schroeder Cherry

An artist confronts brutal systemic inequities while preserving his own positive outlook.

circe dunnell

At a time of disorientation, an artist turns to maps in unexpected ways.

John Viles

Recalling a beloved grandmother and childhood memories, an artist makes color sing.

Ashley Minner

An artist making work to remember, honor, and connect with lost loved ones.

Tiffany D. Jones

With Black identity central to her practice, an artist challenges us to see her in full.

Nora Howell

An artist copes with COVID days and their attendant monotony and anxiety by making art about it.

Ernest Shaw

Sixteen years after his son's passing, an artist fills a portrait of him with light and love.

Elena Volkova

An artist creates a bridge to the past through a community photography project.

John Schratwieser

An arts administrator who knows how to make a vision of community become a reality.

Zoë Charlton

An artist grapples with COVID while her nation roils with racial unrest.