A nonprofit home for Peter’s art and social engagement work.

Those familiar with Peter’s past work with the New Day Campaign and Art on Purpose know that under the umbrella of those entities, he created and led projects using his own art and that of others to bring people together around issues and ideas, and make the world a more healing place.

Now, he and co-founder Leigh Perkins have established Studio B to continue that work. Given the community focus of Peter’s public-facing art, housing his projects within a nonprofit framework made sense.

Studio B’s mission is to use art and story to create spaces where everyone is seen, heard, and valued, cultivating individual self-esteem and building stronger communities. Long-time followers will recognize that as a new way of describing the art and community engagement practice he has pursued for decades.

Studio B is currently developing three projects: Together, a partnership with Waterville Creates exploring, celebrating, and fortifying community connectivity in Waterville, Maine; My Story, Your Story, Our Story, an initiative addressing youth alienation and isolation in Maine’s rural Lincoln and Knox counties; and First the Crying (a Trilogy), a three-exhibition project taking place in multiple East Coast states about love and loss, grief and grace, marking the 10th anniversary of Peter’s daughter’s 2014 death from accidental overdose.

After recent years of insular studio activity focused on creating new bodies of artwork, now, with Studio B, Peter is again turning outward. We look forward to sharing more as programming details take shape.