Reflections on art and life


A reflection on art's allure in the face of time's ever-turning wheel.

All of Her

Thoughts on secrets and truth on the anniversary of Peter's daughter's death.


Peter reflects on building and launching his latest online exhibition, "Bibliography."

Our Little World

From a Hindu fable of an ant parade to Ingmar Bergman's final film, musings on why art matters.


After three years of intentional solitude, ready to return to art and advocacy.

Nights and Dreams

The challenge and importance of accepting change.


A reflection on art's origin, and what matters most about it.

Pebbles in the Pond

A recognition of the rippling impact of our everyday deeds.

So Much Air

With the passing of time comes a growing need for acceptance and release.

Eruption of Spirit

A reminder of the balm of art in the face of pain and grief.

Out of Place

The origin story of this new monthly offering.


A family reunion and an old photograph inspire reflections on bonds that transcend death and parting.


How do we balance the desire to turn inward with the wish to engage with the world?

Faint Music

An ode to "Faint Music" – a poem with resonance that grows with time.


Despite life’s setbacks, we nonetheless persist – and that is beautiful.

Summer Weather

Thoughts on life's unpredictability, and how navigating its twists is entirely up to us.

An Offering

A brief reflection on how art we make for ourselves can become an offering to others.

Unmerited Mercy

A word about grace, and a new online exhibition of that name.


As the pandemic rages, Peter introduces Bruun Studios new digital presence.