One of multiple drawings from a series I’ve worked on the past several years, “Hello” is about the moment when everything changed for me—and the first in a sequence of drawings I think of as memoir works.

My writing and images. My experiences and recollections.

To make this art has been cathartic for me—healing. From it, I have grown.

This drawing (“Hello”) is one of the simpler ones from the group: no writing beyond the first line of that impossible phone call. The image too is straightforward; blue and tumbling, topsy-turvy—the sensation of free-fall after such a call.

I’d like to exhibit the series together some time, though presently I know neither how nor when. I believe others can gain something from seeing it: a recognition, a being seen. Shared (and therefore diminished) pain. A moment of serenity.

Greater acceptance of what is—a prelude to healing.