Cameo Conversation:
Kate Beck

Please join us Thursday, October 27, at 7:00 p.m. ET for Bruun Studios’ second Cameo Conversation, featuring Kate Beck, whose work Peter writes about in this issue of Out of Place. In the conversation, we invite your participation in everything ranging from questions and comments about Kate’s art, to the importance of ties to place in our lives. Register for this free event here.

Bibliography: Opening Conversation

On Wednesday, October 19, at 7:00 p.m. ET, Peter is joined by writer and creator of the Baldwin Prize Lionel Foster to introduce Bibliography and explore the question, “How does art help?” In this wide-ranging conversation, the co-hosts invite the audience to share their own examples of how creating or experiencing art and writing has offered sustenance and companionship. Register here.

Hannah Brancato Online

On Thursday, September 29, Peter sat down to talk with artist and activist Hannah Brancato, the subject of last month’s Cameo article in Out of Place. The first in an an ongoing series of Cameo Conversations, their discussion on Hannah’s art and its influences can now be viewed online here.

A Message of Gratitude

Nearly the entire content of this issue of Out of Place is devoted to our online exhibition, Bibliography. We cannot overstate the extent to which completing it was a team effort. Thus, we wish to acknowledge those who played critical roles in its realization: Thanks to Megan McCarthy for her brilliant design work; Daniel AnastasioIva Casian-Lakoš, and Ford Fourqurean for their musical collaboration; Clifford Thompson and Lionel Foster for program participation; Kristin Seeberger and Mark C. Taylor for their written contributions; David Clough for his exquisite art photography. Special thanks to the Nancy Patz Fund for sponsorship, and to Leigh Perkins for editorial expertise informing every aspect of the project.