Thank you to the Nancy Patz Fund

It is with tremendous gratitude that we thank the Nancy Patz Fund for a generous unrestricted gift to Bruun Studios to allow us to continue our work of online public engagement, including creating Out of Place. Our work takes time and money, and only with the support of those who value it are we able to keep it up. If you wish to make a tax deductible gift of your own, please contact Peter.

This Can Be Yours

With each newsletter, we offer a work of art by Peter at a deep discount. This 14″ x 17″ watercolor, gouache and pencil drawing from 2016 can be yours for just $15 if you are the first to email Peter to claim it (see a large version of the drawing here). If you want to see more art for sale, visit the sales gallery at the Bruun Studios website.

Summer Hiatus

We’re not exactly going fishing, but we are taking a small break: the next issue of Out of Place will hit your inbox not in August but rather September. We look forward to sharing with you again then.