Watch for Becoming

Within the next two weeks, we will send out an announcement with details on the upcoming Becoming conversation series, along with links to register to attend these online events. We welcome artists Schroeder Cherry (shown here), Richard CleaverConnie ImbodenVagner Mendonça-WhiteheadKen Rosyter, and Colette Veasey-Cullors to what we expect to be a fascinating series offering insight on what it means to be a constantly evolving artist. Watch for details!

This Can Be Yours

With each newsletter, we are now offering a work of art by Peter. This watercolor from 2012 can be yours for just $15 if you are the first to email Peter to claim it (see a large version of the drawing here). If you want to see more art for sale, visit the sales gallery at the Bruun Studios website.

Megan McCarthy

Thank You, Megan

Out of Place would not be what it is without Megan McCarthy. Not only has she brought her graphic design and branding know-how to bear on our public face, but she also has brought her strategic mind. Megan understands design is only as good as how it is used, and she has been a driving force in our effort to effectively share what matters most about Bruun Studios (it was her idea to give our monthly newsletter a name). We are so grateful to Megan and look forward another year of working with her.