Heroes in Our Midst

An Art on Purpose project created during Peter Bruun's tenure as founding director, an exhibition project in conjunction with the Walters Art Museum's Heroes: Mortals and Myths in Ancient Greece about unexpected heroes among the homeless, refugees, and within Baltimore City Public Schools.

Heroes in Our Midst involved two separate exhibition rotations: 20 Years of Wandering (inspired by the myth of Odysseus), and 1,000 Ships (inspired by the myth of Helen). Shown here are ceramics by RAPware artists recognizing Nadine Day, a volunteer at the Lockerman Bundy Elementary School, on view as part of 1,000 Ships. 
Art on Purpose and the Walters Art Museum teamed up with Baltimore City Public Schools to celebrate 12 school heroes, whose exploits are honored in art created by school communities and exhibited in 1,000 Ships. Shown here are the heroes receiving an ovation from the over 500 people attending a standing-room-only event at the museum.
20 Years of Wandering featured art created by refugees living in Baltimore and individuals experiencing homelessness. The resiliency and guile required to survive such circumstances are proposed by the exhibition to be akin to the cunning and durability exhibited by Odysseus during his 20 years of wandering. An installation view of 20 Years of Wandering.
One of many drawings created during art workshops held at such organizations as the International Rescue Committee. This one expresses one person's feeling of release upon coming to the United States after living in a refugee camp for 20 years. Heroes in Our Midst allowed people ordinarily overlooked to express themselves, have their stories honored by its inclusion in a museum exhibition, and see relevance between their own experiences and those of Ancient Greek heroes.
An Art on Purpose volunteer and client of My Sister's Place work on a quilt about hardships of homelessness for 20 Years of Wandering.