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The Other Side of the Glass

I have been calling up a vague memory from my childhood. A scene from a movie version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. The recollection is fuzzy: was it Tiny Tim eyeing cakes or some such thing through a store window… or was he glancing through a more ordinary window at people gathered around a […]

Pay It Forward

“And I will be paying it forward later.” That’s what Cassie wrote in response to community rallying round. ****** Lakayra Scott is an African-American youth from Baltimore who is going to college in fall 2014. It’s an accomplishment, and financially challenging. Lakayra’s solution: a GoFundMe campaign seeking donations to buy a laptop and books she […]

The Final Lilt of Songs

Age has been on my mind… age and aging. ***** Last month, I wrote about Walt Whitman. His words continue to resonate, so this month I pick on him again, sharing below To Get the Final Lilt of Songs in its entirety: To get the final lilt of songs, To penetrate the inmost lore of […]


“I am a leaf.” That’s what Geri said, with a smile, ***** I have had intense dreams the past two nights. Last night, I dreamed (with what seemed perfect clarity) about recent art and what it all means… insights (in the dream) in the middle of a war… exploding guns all around… enemies behind every […]