A collaboration with artist Allyn Massey and designers Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo and Maria Phillips about the influence of space.

Held at School 33 Art Center, the project reversed the usual priority of installation design and art object: designers Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo and Maria Phillips selected outlandish wallpaper for the galleries prior to Bruun and Massey making art. Bruun's drawings (show here) needed to respond to the wall, rather than the other way around.
Playing off the symmetry and structure of the wallpaper pattern, Bruun elected to make a series of understated drawings. They are more a foil than the main thing: the drawings act as "straight man," their identities in many ways subsumed by the vivid pattern and electric color of the wallpaper. (Massey's installation in a separate room is visible on the far left.)
Across the room from 23 unframed drawings by Bruun was a single framed drawing. Its special treatment as a single piece (as compared with the 23 unframed drawings) is a quiet comment on how an object's (or person's) identity may be valued and distinctive proportionally to its uniqueness.
In addition to the green metallic wallpaper, the designers also selected a cream colored version for which Bruun created a painting with a color approximating that of the wallpaper from the other room (the paper Bruun made his drawings on is a buff color similar to that of this wallpaper). As with many of Bruun's projects, there are dialectical layers to the work's content.
Installation view of Bruun's green painting paired with a piece by Massey created for the room. The exhibition participants all collaborate to create an overall viewer experience, each participant staking claim for his or her own contributions while at the same time being fully responsive to one another. Identity based on self-hood as well as relationship.