Second Chances

A project with Baltimore City Public School students about the importance of having second chances in life.

On view at the Creative Alliance at The Patterson,Second Chancesincluded a series of watercolors by Bruun invoking the theme of the show, followed by 37 paintings by students from several Baltimore City Public Schools.
The first part of the exhibition shows a series of watercolors by Bruun, each one an incomplete self-portrait. This is followed by student works, each exploring an experience where the student benefited from having a second chance at something.
Words under Bruun's watercolors evoke the notion of trying and failing and trying again, underscoring the value of second chances. Each watercolor, in a sense, may be understood as a "second chance" at the same drawing.
As he does with all his projects, Bruun designed the installation. The gallery's cavernous dimensions are managed with the device of creating a bar of color upon which to install the youth art and accompanying text. Bruun's watercolors are set apart by having a different wall color and by being hung at a different level from the youth work.
two works by students from Crossroads School. Gabriela's piece illustrates a time she had a second chance at a karate competition and won, and Mildred's explores how she at first did not understand English, but with perseverance she learned the language and was able to communicate with classmates.
Talibah, a Baltimore Freedom Academy high school student, stands in front of her piece in which she celebrates her mastery at color mixing with a second chance at a "second chance" painting. Each youth made a first painting with no instruction, followed by some painting exercises leading up to a second chance at a painting of the same theme. The value of repetition and trial and error was emphasized.
Students from Baltimore Freedom Academy not only made second chance paintings, but they also mentored middle school students from several schools, helping the youth create their own second chance paintings. Several received summer jobs at art camps as a consequence of their participation in the project. Here they are shown with Bruun who gave each student a certificate of completion.