Family Matters

Involving students from Baltimore's Crossroads School and Baltimore Freedom Academy, and sponsored by the Safe & Sound Campaign, the project explores the role of family in our being who we are today. 

Exhibited at the James E. Lewis Museum of Art at Morgan State University, the exhibition featured nine paintings by Peter Bruun invoking the notion of one generation giving way to another, each succeeding generation influencing the shape and identity of the other.
Following Bruun's paintings' invocation, the gallery walls are filled with works by youth, all expressing the influence and role of family in the artist's life.
Students from Crossroads School and their teacher at the reception, proud of the work they have done.
Sean McGill, a student at Baltimore Freedom Academy at the time, stands before his painting. Sean and his high school classmates mentored the students at Crossroads School in making their art.
A painting by Breyonna, a student from Crossroads School.
Jerry Goodson of Baltimore Freedom Academy assists a Crossroads School student with her painting. Developing youth leadership in the arts was an important component of the project.
Bruun's paintings are structured to be read sequentially. An entity is made up of a line that renders a solid circular form.
The next painting in sequence shows the previous painting's colored line beginning to fall away, revealing another form made of another color below: one generation is giving way to the next.
This is followed by a solidly formed shape in the color revealed in the previous painting: a new identity formed from a preceding one, an echo of one generation giving shape to the next, a symbolic display of family mattering.