Conversation Piece

An exhibition exploring conversation and its role in individual and communal identity.

A view of the installation at Goucher College's Rosenberg Gallery. Panels with poetry in response to Bruun's paintings by Goucher faculty and students on left were designed by Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo and Maria Phillips; Bruun's paintings visible in background on right.
Bruun created 40 red paintings to be displayed on a yellow wall, and 40 yellow paintings for a red wall. Each set of 40 was further divided into 10 groups of four. The structure conveyed the idea of clusters of conversations.
Each set of four paintings related to one another by sharing thematic shape: similar protrusions, recessions, and angles as one another. They belonged together as a group.
The exhibition took place in a theater lobby gallery, a space where art on display serves as background for conversations taking place before shows and during intermissions. The interaction of paintings and poetry panels within the exhibition echoes the sorts of  interactions taking place in the lobby space in which it is displayed.
The opening reception included dance, music, and a theatrical skit by Goucher students created directly in response to the paintings. In this way, they became part of the identity of the piece. Conceptually,Conversation Piece questions bounds of identity: from the conversations between the layered parts to an individual painting, one is encouraged to consider what lies inside and outside identity, and the flow between the borders.