Anonymous Requiem

A communal exhibition event memorializing loved ones who have died.

Inspired by the events of September 11, 2001,Anonymous Requiem originally took place at the then Villa Julie Gallery (now Stevenson University Gallery) on October 11, 2002. One year and one month after the tragedy of 9/11, the project's reference to that day is oblique rather than obvious.
Spoken Word artist Kumani performs a poem honoring a friend who had died. 14 individuals (a combination of practicing artists and students from Villa Julie College and the Park School of Baltimore) took turns sharing memories through words and music in a gallery with 14 paintings by Bruun.
After each presentation, a candle is lit under one of the paintings. Allison Pasarew lights a candle after reading a poem in memory of her grandmother. 
After each candle is lit, there is a minute of silence.
The audience was surrounded by the paintings in the gallery. Candles are lit clockwise around the gallery with each presentation. After an hour, all 14 candles have been lit. The project is more about the memorializing experience of the participants than Bruun's paintings, which serve more to frame an experience than draw attention to themselves. 
Installation view of one of Bruun's paintings after a candle has been lit. With the candle's lighting, the abstract white shape becomes activated at that moment as connected to the person memorialized by the preceding presentation. The painting may be understood as symbolizing the absence of the person, or the presence of the person's spirit.
Variations ofAnonymous Requiem have been held since the original one. This image shows an event fromAnonymous Requiem II held in 2006 at The Creative Alliance at the Patterson.