The New Day Campaign

A dedicated New Day Campaign website is where to learn everything about this multi-faceted initaitve originally conceived as a Bruun Studios project.

Bruun Studios began The New Day Campaign, an arts-based initiative to challenge stigma associated with behavioral health conditions.

Too many individuals and families touched by behavioral health disorders live with daily shame, suffering, and isolation. Nightmarish situations are made worse by inadequate access to effective treatment options, criminalization of behaviors born of disease, and dismissive cultural attitudes toward those viewed as making poor choices rather than enduring maladies beyond their control.

Using art and the stories behind it to bring people together, The New Day Campaign seeks to build a broad coalition of partners sharing common cause. Be the ailment alcoholism or heroin addiction, depression or schizophrenia, or any number of conditions, it does not matter: those living along the spectrum of behavioral health challenges know what it is to feel alone—and are natural allies in battling stigma. In overcoming stigma, so much becomes possible. Those afflicted with behavioral health challenges often have positive attributes not despite but rather because of the paths they have had to travel: with suffering comes compassion; with hardship comes resilience; with isolation comes hunger for connection and community. Those affected have something positive to offer all of us, and deserve to be seen as such.

The New Day Campaign is inspired by the passing of Peter Bruun's daughter, Elisif Janis Bruun, on February 11, 2014. Peter's first gesture toward the campaign was the blog he wrote shortly after she died, A New Day, read by thousands.