Bruun Studios combines art and advocacy in social- and civic-minded activities. Led by Peter Bruun, a longtime artist, educator, curator, and community activist, Bruun Studios’ approach is grounded in the belief art is a broad idea, essential to individual and cultural identity. As such, art is not marginal, but rather core to who we are.

“Art” is a slippery term. Commonly thought of as a practice running the gamut from rendering likeness (i.e. representational art) to conceptualization steeped in art theory (i.e. conceptual art), art making can be so much more—there are no clear boundaries between what is and isn’t art. Indeed, the very concept of “art” is an invention, definitions varying from culture to culture, and historical period to historical period, even person to person.

To better understand how Bruun Studios thinks of its own activities, here are some guiding notions: